Waterford and Gunnar Bicycles

Waterford and Gunnar Bicycles

Waterford Precision Cycles is a small bicycle manufacturer based in Waterford, Wisconsin. Waterford produces high-end, custom, hand-built, steel-alloy frame bicycles, particularly road, criterium, stage, track, and cyclocross racing bicycles.

The company also manufactures Gunnar Cycles, which feature steel-alloy, tig-welded bicycle frames and forks. This product line includes off-road, touring, racing, and recreational bicycles.

The company is operated by Richard Schwinn, formerly of Schwinn Bicycle Company, and business partner Marc Muller. Schwinn (great-grandson of Ignaz Schwinn, who founded Schwinn Co. in 1896) was vice president of production for Schwinn Co., and Muller worked for Schwinn as a designer of the company’s hand-crafted Paramount racing bikes.



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